How Meditation Empowers Intention Setting

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I am a web developer and digital marketer with over 25 years of experience in SEO, SEM, eCommerce, Social Media and WordPress websites. My goal is to help businesses optimize their online presence and increase leads and sales by building effective websites and launching strategic online marketing campaigns.

In addition to running my web development company Lynx Digital, I also have an online hat store, Bernard Hats, where I sell a wide selection of high-quality hats for any occasion. With my passion for designing websites, optimizing online campaigns, and hats, I am dedicated to helping businesses reach their digital marketing goals.

My personal passions encompass meditation, yoga, travel, and hiking. My love for meditation and yoga fuels my commitment to sharing the transformative power of these practices with others. Through my blog, I offer insights, guidance, and personal anecdotes to inspire individuals on their own meditation and yoga journeys.

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Taste Like Peppermint

Taste Like Peppermint

This funny story tells the intriguing tale of a cattle farmer’s Black Angus bull that showed no interest in cows until ingesting some peculiar pills… Read this hilarious tale in this funny post.

3 Easy Ways to Cultivate Awareness with Meditation

3 Easy Ways to Cultivate Awareness with Meditation

Harness the transformative power of meditation and unlock your full potential. Discover peace, clarity, and heightened self-awareness in just a few minutes daily. This enlightening article explores three easy meditation techniques to cultivate awareness, alter the way you engage with the world, and experience life with greater mindfulness.

Mastering the Art of Relaxed Response Meditation

Mastering the Art of Relaxed Response Meditation

Mastering the Art of Relaxed Response Meditation is an enlightening journey, a tranquil odyssey into the realm of quietude. This transformative practice taps into inner peace, fostering a serene response to life’s upheavals. Embrace this soulful, liberating art, and transcend the cacophony of life’s chaos, one breath at a time.

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